Friday, 28 February 2014

Beautiful Perth

Good morning and Happy Friday!! Perth have a long weekend this week, so we are getting excited for that, with lots of social outings with lovely friends planned.

We thought we would leave you with some beautiful photos that Brooke took on the way to work this morning. We are so lucky that we live in such a beautiful city. 

Have a beautiful weekend everyone, 

B & F xxx


Brooke Walker and Francie Longo


Brooke Walker and Francie Longo


Brooke Walker and Francie Longo

nb : all photos taken with iPhone 5 
Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sun Protection

Anyone that knows me, is aware that I have a very strict sunscreen policy. Most of my friends, at one point or another, would have had me in their ear like a nagging mother about the 'importance of wearing sun protection' and so forth.

Brooke Walker and Francie Longo

I have heard every excuse in the book...

'But I like having a brown face'
'It gives me pimples'
'I have SPF8 in my foundation. That's enough'
'I only wear it in summer'
'My skin doesn't burn'

None of those excuses cut it with me, unfortunately. Brown face = premature wrinkles. Pimples? Try a different brand. SPF in your foundation? It's not enough. Only wear it in summer? Umm...pretttty sure the sun also comes out in winter... My skin doesn't burn? UVB rays are different to UVA rays (rays of the ageing kind).

If you want to age at a rapid rate & acquire premature pigmentation, those excuses will definitely work. But, if like most women, you want to slow down the ageing process, sunscreen should be the Robin to your Batman. The Minnie to your Mickey. In other words, you should always have it close by.

Some of the science behind sunscreen:

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Love : Autumn Inspiration

Given that it is Autumn in a few days, I thought it would be well suited to take a peek at what looks the stylish women of New York City were wearing during NYFW. The change of season makes us very excited as we get to shop all of the new looks and plan our wardrobes for the next few months. 

Not that it looks like it will get cooler in Perth anytime in the near future.. but we are allowed to daydream, aren't we?

Our forecast : black & white, clashing prints, felt hats, animal print, tailored sporty luxe, tartan & fabulous coats. Oh, and denim. But of course.


B  xxx

photography : phil oh
margaret zhang inbcbg max azria. photography : phil oh

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Love : Chambray

We love a chambray shirt here at belle | beau. Not to mention a chambray dress... pants... the list goes on.  We think is a fun yet classic look and can be styled to suit most occasions.

Below is our round up of some if the best items available in store & online, as well as some styling inspiration.

We have also included a section for little ladies...Why should grownups have all the fashionable fun?

Happy styling & shopping! 

B & F xxx

Chambray Essentials

Monday, 10 February 2014

New York State of Mind

New York City has been on the mind since NYFW started last week. I was lucky enough to travel there a few years back now, and I think a second trip will have to be on the cards in the coming year or two. I love this city so much.

Below is a bit of a photo diary from my time spent there. I hope you enjoy.

New York City
  Empire State
empire state cheese.
New York City

Central Park

central Park

Central Park

Central PArk

Central Parl

Holly Golightly
holly golightly's stoop. 

Brownstone buildings

halloween in the states is crazy! they celebrate it so much more than we do in australia. 

the met.
New York City

New York City

Gloomy Times Square
times square on a gloomy evening after viewing 'chicago' on broadway. 

Magnolia Bakery

New York City


Times Square
times square madness

the best ever.
Empire State Buliding
top of empire state.
Empire State
simply breathtaking.

Empire State

Empire State Buliding

New York City

Empire State
sisters three xx
New York City

New York City

these are too fun not to include. 
Add caption

Bryant Park
beautiful bryant park


Strawberry Fields

trip taken in the middle of october.
all photos taken on canon powershot by brooke. 

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