Monday, 14 September 2015

My Current Skincare Routine

Just dropping by with a quick Skincare related post for you all! I get asked quite frequently what I use on my skin, as what I recommend for individual friends. I have expressed my love for a few products in the past, but have never compiled it in an all-in-one post. I will showcase the order I use the products in, and provide a brief description about the purpose of each product, as well as links with more information and where to purchase them.

I have quite similar routines for morning and night, with obvious products like sunscreen being left out in the PM etc. Now - my routine is by no means perfect, and some of these products may not work for everyone, but they are currently working for me. There are some staples that I don't see myself ever getting rid of, but I will quite often mix up my moisturisers, cleansers and treatment products. One thing missing from my routine is a Vitamin C Serum, and I am currently on the hunt for one - if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!

I do not use a cleanser in the morning, rather just splash my face with cold water and have done this my entire adult life. I think over-cleansing can cause issues with skin (especially when using a stripping cleanser!).

1. SKII Facial Treatment Essence. This product is something I can not go a day without. Made from 90% Pitera (the company's signature ingredient), it leaves your skin feeling moisturised, and helps maintain the skin's natural renewal cycle, which in turn creates a wonderful glow. I have been using this product everyday for the past 6 years and would be a 'Desert Island' selection for me. 

2. Clinique Even Better Clinical. Another product I have been using for about 6 years. Being quite fair skinned (and not into tanning - I am pretty much Snow White all year round), some pesky pigmentation spots became slightly visible on my cheekbones when I was quite young. Only really visible to me, I still wanted something to make these fade AND stop new ones from forming. Enter this product. I definitely stand by the Even Better and it's fading powers, and have occasionally tried other newer concoctions, but always come back to this. It is something you need to use consistently to see results, and you MUST wear at least an SPF30, otherwise it is a complete waste of time! Bonus points for this product - it also helps to fade those annoying red spots that acne can leave behind.

3. Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Eye Serum. Another one from the 6 year family! This product firms, brightens and restores the under eye area like no other. It sinks into the skin in an instant, and despite the name, it isn't really 'serumy' (made up word, I know) like most serums are  - more like a slightly oily water. Would not go a day with out this product either.

4. REN Keep Young and Beautiful Eye Cream. This is a relatively new product to my collection, so I am unable to give you my long-term thoughts, however the last month or so I have been using it, I have really liked it. It claims to 'dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, crows feet and deep expression lines around the eyes'. I don't really experience any of those yet, but I am all about prevention. I find it very moisturising and replenishing.

5. Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 30+. Yet another 6 year baby. Can you tell I got 'serious' about my skincare at a certain point in my life? Love this sunscreen. Although I would prefer to use a Physical rather than a Chemical sunscreen, I am yet to find one that my skin likes. This Mecca sunscreen also doubles as my morning moisturiser and primer as it sinks in like a dream and isn't even remotely greasy. Triple win.

Despite what it may look like, my Morning Routine does not take me that long, and after I have applied my sunscreen, I start with my make up application.


Some of these products are double ups from my Morning Routine, so I will not go into any detail in regards to those. Like I mentioned earlier, Moisturiser is something I change quite often, and sometimes think about going back to my good old Oil of Olay I used for over a decade, but being the beauty junkie that I am, I love trying new products too much to settle on a permanent moisturiser...

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Midori Traveler's Notebook Style Planner { Pelledori }


Hi Guys! Today I have for you a look at the new planning system I have recently adopted. You probably remember only a few months ago I ordered the new Erin Condern Life Planner in Rose Gold and showed all of it's beauty in this post. Now - I still love this planner and still recommend it and all the other Erin Condren prodcuts highly. This year the company made a few changes to the Life Planner, and one of them being a bigger coil. I didn't think much of this upon ordering, but as I got a few weeks into using the planner, I soon discovered that the coil was just too large. I am one of those people that carries my planner around everywhere and uses it to refer back to many times a day for lists and to-dos. The larger coil just made it too awkward to carry around with me. I started to leave it at home/school and transfer lists to another piece of note paper, but that proved to be counter-productive and just plain annoying! So sadly, I made the choice to repurpose my Life Planner (I will showcase this at some point) and started the search for a new planner.

Recently, I started seeing the Midori (or Fauxdori in most cases) pop up on Instagram and Pinterest. I liked the look of this cute little Japanese invented system of interchangeable notebooks, so I started researching. I stumbled across this Video by Youtuber Brittany at VasseurBeauty and she pretty much sold me. So over to Etsy I went and found the gorgeous array of designs by Pelle Studio. After many agonising days of trying to decide what colour Pelledori to purchase (you can't go wrong, and that makes it even harder to choose! hashtag libraproblems) I decided on the Mint and Lush Grey (I also purchased one for my sister's birthday gift).
The turn around was quite fast, and I received my planner from Hong Kong in under two weeks. The lovely Cindy is always there ready to help and answer your questions (I had a change of heart after placing the order and wanted to change a colour I'd chosen. Cindy happily did this for me with a small fee and responded very quickly!).  I would definitely re-order from this store and recommend it to all.
Now for a look at the gorgeous products! (and as usual - Photos are sub-par due to my lighting issues. I know I sound like a broken record! But just need to say it...not even photoshop can help these babies. Hopefully this will be one of the last averagely-lit posts as our house is SO close to being finished!!)

 The gorgeous Pelledori Packaging

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