Tuesday, 20 October 2015


In the next handful of weeks, this little blog will be no more. 
Fear not! I will not be disappearing, more like having a makeover and rebranding. 
As life is changing, I have felt the content of my blog shift, and the things I want to write about don't necessarily fit the original theme or topics I had intended to write about here. 

I am making the move to a self-hosted Wordpress platform, as I feel the layout options and general ease of use is more tailored to my changing needs. 

All content from Love Miss Walker will still be available to read in the archives of my new space, and posts won't be changing too much, they will just be a bit narrower in subject and there will be no Teaching component. When I started LMW, I had intended to make it predominately a Teaching blog, but discovered that as much as I truly love my job, I wasn't passionate about writing about it. I found I am most passionate about sharing beauty products, organisation projects and tools, travel tips and reports and home life. So that is the direction the new website will be taking. 

Once I have finished the re-branding and changeover process (I am hoping in around a month from now), this blog will be linked directly to the new website. 

In the meantime, there will be no new posts on LMW, as I will be busy creating content for when the new site goes live.

Thank you to all of my loyal readers, I am still surprised that people other than my husband actually read my posts and are interested in what I have to say! I hope that you will continue to visit after the move.  In the meantime, be sure to follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to see updates. 

Much love to you all, 

Brooke xx 
Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Creating a Calm Space in Your Home

This week (5th - 11th October) marks the first Graham & Brown Wallpaper Week. Wallpaper has made a comeback in the design world in a big way, and I can't wait for our build to be finished so I can start decorating walls and spaces and making our house feel like a home. Wallpaper can bring life to a corner of your home, and can set a mood depending on the texture, colour and print it displays.

I think it it is very important to create a space in your home that feels like a retreat. Yes - it is great to go on a resort holiday where you can relax, but wouldn't it be amazing if you could recreate this feeling in your own home?  I have been pinning like a mad woman during the build, and plan on making a focus of our Master Bedroom a quiet little reading nook.
Everyone has different ways of relaxing and setting themselves up for a successful week. I like to start my week off with a planning session in my Pelledori Traveler's Notebook, and having a calm little space to do so is very important to me. Other ways I like to relax by are reading books, magazines or blogs with a cup of coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day!), having a Pinterest pinning session or watching a few of my favourite shows.

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