Friday, 17 January 2014

Proplenish : A Review

ProPlenish is a relatively new anti-ageing product on the market, and I have been taking it religiously for the last 7 months. ProPlenish is a collagen supplement (in the form of Marine Collagen) that helps to replenish the collagen that our bodies (horribly!) slow down the production of as we go through our 20's. You can read more about the product here .

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I could not recommend this product highly enough. I add one sachet to a glass of water first thing in the morning, and give it a stir. It dissolves and settles within a few moments, and has absolutely no taste.
If you prefer, you can add it to your morning coffee, sprinkle it over your cereal or mix it into a shake, it's a personal choice.

Being on the cusp of turning the big 3-0, anti-ageing is high on my radar. ProPlenish is by far the most effective anti-ageing product I have tried. Since I have been taking ProPlenish, I have noticed a fullness in my lips, tiny little fine lines that were appearing around my eyes have disappeared and my skin has a plump, dewy glow to it. It also helps with nail and hair strength and growth.

With my job (a Teacher of little ones), my hands are constantly being washed and in all sorts of mess. My nails were also a mess. Since starting on the product, my nails have been their strongest in my whole life and no amount of wear and tear will hurt them. My hair is also very long and in good condition. My girlfriend (who also takes ProPlenish) and I have fondly nicknamed the product "Mermaid Water" because of the Mermaid-like hair it has given us.

I don't tend to wear much coverage on my face during the day (usually just some concealer and powder) and you can see the glow that ProPlenish has given my skin through the little makeup I wear.

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the proplenish glow and mermaid hair ;)
And sorry...two no filter, minimal face makeup 'selfies' to come below...but just wanted you to see my skin close up!

^^ best lip colour ever!! ^^

ProPlenish can be purchased on the ProPlenish website and select health food stores around the Country. It costs $49.95 for a months supply. That is less than $2 a day. A bargain in my opinion. And the best $2 I spend in my whole day.

**Update!! (June 2015)**

Dropping back into this post to update you on my usage of ProPlenish! It has been over a year (closer to 18 months!) since I wrote this post, and OH MY how time flies.  New blog, new look, but same old me. So you are probably wondering: Is she still using ProPlenish? and the answer is yes. Most definitely. I still notice the difference in my skin, hair, and more recently, my nails. I thought they were good 18 months ago, but I didn't know what I was talking about as now they are beyond unbelievable! I still recommend this product to all that are interested in glowing, plump skin, and I kind of fear the day I fall pregnant and have to stop taking it. Kidding!! But kind of not... ;)

B x

Please note all opinions are my own. I was not paid or seeked out to write this review, I simply wanted to share the goodness that is Proplenish with you all. 


  1. I read your blog. Very interesting. Are you still taking proplenish? If so what effect has it had on your skin. I am prone to breakouts and I wonder if it will help.

    1. Hi! Sorry I have had a bit of a 'blog break' for a while and didnt see your comment!. Yes I am still taking proplenish. I am not sure if it will help with your breakouts, but it does give the skin a gorgeous look and feel regardless. Hope that helps! xx


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